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Tips for Escorts

I had the idea years ago when I started working, to create a step by step guide to basically help the other girls be independent, and not need a third party to book hotel rooms, flights, and pay for advertisement. Sadly, there are people who will try to make women believe it is much more complicated than it is, so they can justify their presence in women's business and direct their career, on top of taking a generous commission. I've never done it before because I feared it wouldn't be perfect, but I realize now that I just have to do it. 


1.  Get your own credit card. Don't use somebody else's and don't let anybody use yours. It is extremely easy to get a credit card, I recommend getting one from a bank instead of a store, because the interest rates are much better, and usually the customer service is simpler. It will make booking flights, airbnbs, hotels, and rent cars much easier, without having to pay large sums of cash deposits and allow you to book remotely. Don't be scarred of getting in debt, just pay it on time, the due date is written on the bill, and it will boost your credit score, which will come very handy when the time comes to buy your own place. You don't need a huge limit, I would recommend starting under 2000$ if it's your first credit card. I also recommend having two cards, and keep them in different places, in case one gets stolen or lost or if it gets blocked for some reason. 


2. Create a Coinbase account to buy cryptocurrency with your credit card in order to pay for your advertisement. It is a trustworthy website with a lot of security  that allows you to buy pretty much any cryptocurrency from the comfort of your own home, with a very low commission, around 5%, which is much less then the bitcoin ATM (aound 30%). If you are afraid to use your real ID to create a Coinbase account, let me just remind you that sex work is not a crime in Canada on the side of the provider, you are totally free to work and make a living, you can even declare your income. You don't have to write down "escort", you can put "model", "model representation", "massage therapist", "artist", "dancer"... On that topic, if the police shows up, stay calm, let them in, show your ID, say that you are above 18, that you don't have a pimp, that you pay for all your expenses yourself (ads, location, phone, website...), that you use protection and that you don't do drugs. If they ask if you have a number to call in case of emergency, say that you will call 911 if you have an emergency. They cannot arrest you for being an escort, it is not a crime. You don't have to answer to any question once you showed your ID. If they keep pressing you, say that you will not speak anymore without a lawyer present and stop speaking entirely. 

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3.   To pay for your ads on LeoList, you have to go in the "Gift Card" section of the website, select "Cryptocurrency", and click on "Litecoin". Copy the address that consists of random letters and numbers. That is the Litecoin address associated with your LeoList account. The money you send at this address will be stored in your Leolist account. Yes, if LeoList stops existing tomorrow, you lose the money. It happened to me when Backpage closed, I lost about 60$ USD. Personally, I only send 100$ at a time. Leolist also says that the money "expires" a year later, so I assume after that, they keep the money. 

4.  Login to Coinbase, after you bought your Litecoins, select "send", put the amout you want to send, select "pay with Litecoin", and put your Litecoin address from Leolist in the recipient box. After you send it, if you put the whole address exactly as is,  it should go in your Leolist Gift Card. It shouldn't take more than 15 minutes. It is very important to copy/paste the exact address, because one wrong character and the funds will go to someone else, and the money will be unredeemable. Each address is unique and corresponds to a different recipient. Why use cryptocurrency? Because it is independent from any bank. You can also invest in cryptocurrency, but I wouldn't be the right person to advise you on that. 

5.   I would also recommend having two phones, a personal one and a "party phone", so you can keep your things separate, and be able to not have your work with you at all times. It is also handy to have two phones if one gets stolen or hacked. Don't put all your eggs in one basket! 

6.   Lastly, I would like to point out that if somebody is making you feel like you absolutely need them to manage your work, chances are they need your work more than you need them. There are only two ways to make a living: working, or profiting from someone else's work. Do not trust blindly anyone with your money, especially if the money is cash, not declared, or if you have no way to prove that it's yours. Don't take advice from someone who is not where you want to be, and there's no one who understands a sex worker's needs like another sex worker. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

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