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10 July 2024

A client I met years ago when I was working in Regina came to Ottawa. I was finally able to take his anal virginity! Yay! He had been waiting for a long time, I hope I lived up to the expectation. Then we went to dinner, and I came back in time for a long time returning client that I had an awesome orgasm with. I think over time he got to know what I like and we can finally bounce off each other's energy. 

8 July 2024

God I'm so fuckin glad I did Botox, my facial expressions look so much better in the mirror when I fuck. 

6 July 2024

Tonight I was quite horny and I almost texted a client. I didn't because there's a severe thunderstorm warning and because my hair looks super messed up, but I almost did. They love it when they feel you really desire them. 

5 July 2024

I was at a restaurant the other day, and the song Blinding Lights by The Weeknd was playing, and I thought it would be an awesome song to play on the drums. Later that night, I had a fuckin blast playing it. What's funny is that I never liked The Weeknd. Until now. That's one of the things I like about playing an instrument. It makes me rediscover songs from a completely different perspective. 

12 June 2024

My drum teacher told me that I spent over 6000 dollars on him. Oh well, I see it as an investment in myself. 

10 June 2024

I had my graduation! Finally! I'm super happy to be done, it's gonna give me a little wiggle room financially to take care of myself.

30 May 2024

A guest hurt me by spanking me and pulling my hair the other day. He apologized for "the angle", but he sincerely didn't think there was anything wrong with hitting me. At what point did I consent to being hit? 

23 May 2024

Something absolutely fucking hilarious happened today. Some guy said he wanted to treat me "to an amazing night out". I thought "this is gonna be funny". So I pressed him about what he had in mind, and his answer was (drumroll): a restaurant in the market. How full of yourself do you gotta be to think that going to a restaurant with you is amazing? I told him that. He was not happy, but maybe I opened up his eyes a little bit. He proceeded to scold me and call me miserable, which only proves my point. Bitch, I am the fun night out. It's you who treats yourself to me, thank you. 

19 May 2024

I missed a bunch of appointments yesterday because I went to Cole Swindell's concert. Why is it always when I go out that people text? Today I'm home and... crickets. And by the way, I know that I talk trash on the phone sometimes, but you gotta understand, people talk trash to me all the time. I wanna have sex and make money. But when they have the rates and the location, most people just keep asking questions endlessly instead of getting in their car and making it on time. Everyday I pray to be less of a bitch, but it's hard. Everyone knows it's a risky business, and no one wants to go through a screening process, so I have nothing but my instinct to protect myself. 

Also, as I was working out earlier today, I think I finally solved the mystery of why my neighbor hates me so much. For a while I was wondering "what does she want? What is she trying to do?" I think I figured it out, it's quite underwhelming really: if she can convince herself that I'm worse than her, she can feel better about herself, and also, if she can convince herself that other people are responsible for her problems, it relieves her from the responsability of having to solve them. 

16 May 2024

I watched the series about Ashley Madison on Netlfix today and it made me think about the concept of telling the truth. Jordan Peterson said that telling the truth is one of the hardest things you could ever do, but that you shouldn't use the truth as a weapon. I wish he specified that you should tell YOUR truth, which is completely different than telling other people's truth, and that your opinion, or what other people told you, is also very different from THE truth. Everyone has their truth, there is not one single truth that is valid for everyone. It has happened multiple times in the past when I opened up about being a sex worker to people, that they shamed me for it, and said horrible things about it to me and other people. That would be a good example according to me of using the truth as a weapon. I guess people do that to make themselves feel better about themselves, but destroying other people's lives, just like the hacker did with the website, it does nothing to build you up, nor does it make the world a better place. You need to consider with a LOT of integrity what you want to happen, and what is likely to happen. Chances are those two outcomes are very different. 

12 May 2024

Someone on Terb wrote that I only work when I post and that I don't answer the phone otherwise. That is not true, I never said anything even close to that. I would really appreciate if someone rectified that on the thread. I would do it myself, but the fucktards who manage the site blocked my account... I try to not pay too much attention to what goes on online, I know there is a lot of negativity on there, or everywhere for that matter. 

On another topic, I saw the girl who lashed out at me on the sidewalk today. We would have crossed paths if I didn't turn the corner and walked around the block back home. I didn't care, it was a beautiful day and it's a beautiful neighborhood. She saw me for sure. I wonder what she thinks of me going out of my way to avoid her. 

10 May 2024

I dreamed that I was seeing a bunch of my friends from elementary school and that we hung out. It felt good to see that people still lived in the neighborhood and that we got along so great. I also dreamed that I was shagging my ex landlord, but that didn't feel so good. After the initial rush, he was weird and distant. Whatever who cares, I had my girlfriends.

7 May 2024

I was in the shower earlier today, thinking about how I used to be, and I used to be such a pushover. Working in this industry definetly made me stronger, more decisive and more assertive, and I'm grateful for that.

6 May 2024

I finally got some Botox, people should stop asking me if I'm okay while we have sex...

5 May 2024

I'm very proud to say that I quoted Britney Spears in church today. After the sermon, the young people of the congregation were invited to talk about the type of music we would like to hear at church. The minister first asked us how we thought music conveyed spirituality. There was a bit of a silence, because it's not an easy question, but I rose my hand and I said: I just read Britney Spears' book, and she has a very interesting take on that. She said; in the Bible it says "your tongue is your sword." My tongue and my sword were me singing. To me, singing was spiritual. When you sing, you can communicate purely. You stop using the language of "hi, how are you", you can say things that are much more profound. The minister said "Wow, it's gonna be hard to go from there!"


4 May 2024

Something funny happened today, it's May the 4th, and some guy texted me that he wanted us to dress as Star Wars and Star Trek characters to judge who did it best, but he didn't specify who would bring the costumes. Does he just assume I have that shit at my place? He was clearly trolling. 

3 May 2024

I used to hang out with a neighbor pretty often, but she drinks a lot and the last time we hung out, she became really aggressive and started lashing out at me. The next day, she texted me a bunch of horrible things. Time and time again in my life, I saw alcohol turn people into assholes. I told her that if she doesn't get ahold of her alcoholism, it would destroy her. It would be easy for me to say she's just jealous, but when people say that, I always think it's too simplistic. Could it really be that simple, or is she just randomly spiraling? She must be hurting a lot to behave like this. I used to smoke weed to control all the repressed anger I had built up. Maybe she has repressed anger of her own.  

6 April 2024

I really need some botox; in the last two weeks, three dudes asked me if I was okay while we were having sex... 

31 March 2024

I dreamed I was hanging out backstage with Cole Swindell, it was amazing.

30 March 2024

I went with my friends who are in a local band to their show, which was in an alternative venue in Montreal. It was a lot of fun! The people there were so nice.

29 March 2024

I dreamed I was shooting a promotional video for a massage parlour with some other girls, but I looked so bad on camera that I ended up not being featured in the video... I was a little bummed about that. 

25 March 2024

I went to my neighbor's place, and I smoked weed for the first time in a while. We started looking at old pictures, and looking at pictures of young people in love made me cry, because there are so many bad memories that supplanted the good ones that I completely forgot why I got in relationships to begin with, but all of a sudden, I remembered. 

24 March 2024

This guy from my personal life texted me and asked if I wanted to "do something", so I asked "Like?" and then he didn't answer. I'm tired of dudes who want my time and attention but who have nothing specific to propose. 

22 March 2024

This morning, someone texted me about a "long term steady arrangement". Honestly, I didn't reply; arrangements are just not my thing, I'm not even curious to know what it was. 

20 March 2024

I was eating at McDonald's and a margilalized person who was done eating just wouldn't leave and kept starring at me. I was starting to feel uneasy, so I slowly grabbed my pepper spray, put it in the armed position, and just held it in my hand as I was eating calmly, in full display. He left!

10 March 2024

A guest texted to wish me a happy International Women's Day, I thought it was very sweet.

5 March 2024

Over the weekend, I went to help my neighbor cook some turkey, and her best friend, who is very spiritual, told me as we were making mashed potatoes that my birth number is 11, and that I'm destined to do great things. It was crazy, we both had goosebumps. I told her I would channel that into my drumming, and that I would make it my purpose. It was a very spititual weekend. 

19 February 2024

I took a guest's virginity today! It always feels nice when they choose me to this. I hope I did a good job. And he brought me a starbucks iced almond latte! What a gentleman. 

15 February 2024

A guest showed up today an hour early without warning because his phone was dead. I was literally not showered, no makeup, and I was wearing the ugliest robe. That's one of my flaws, I like to drink coffee and hang out in the morning rather than jump in the shower and getting ready. I need to work on that. Thank God, I was all waxed and spray tanned underneath, so at least naked I look fine. He was very nice about it and we spent a great moment, so why not?

9 February 2024

I waxed my pussy today! It feels really nice, I haven't done that in a long time. I lasered not too long ago and I didn't wanna shave. I wanna offer the most beautiful skin I can to my guests. I also do it for myself, I always appreciated having a nice-looking pussy.

29 January 2023

My drum teacher called to confirm our next class, and then he asked me if there was anything else. So I decided to tell him what I wrote about on January 23 because I was dying to tell him. I read him that exact paragraph. He was extremely receptive and understanding. I'm already looking forward to beginning a new chapter. 

26 January 2024

For those who are worried because of yesterday's post, don't worry, some people are weird, but not necessarly dangerous. As I said, I have an alarm system and cameras, and I had a couple of guests since and everybody has been nice and supportive. Movin' on.

25 January 2024

Something really weird just happened. A young guy booked an appointment, but when he showed up in my kitchen and I asked for the money, he left without giving me anything. I'm afraid he wants to come back with his boys. After he was gone, I notified him that I have cameras. I said "you have my address and I have your face. Don't fuck with me." He said "don't worry, I just pussied out." I really didn't need that today. I went to the bakery after, and the baker told me I looked tired. The people who think being an escort is easy, they don't know the sacrifices we make. They don't know the fucked up shit we have to deal with. 

23 January 2024

I'm gonna tell my drum teacher that I need him to give me more room to play and experiment during the lessons. I'm gonna explain to him that it's gonna make me stronger as an artist. He tends to be really strict about his program and when I do things he didn't tell me to do he tends to say things like "no, stick to the program, trust the process, you don't listen, don't waste my time". I'm gonna tell him that in the expression "playing music", there is the word "play", and that I NEED, to have fun playing the drums, and that he should encourage me to try crazy fills even when I'm not ready for it, at least sometimes. I'm gonna tell him I don't want to get to a point where I associate drums with work, that I already work a lot and I just need to be more silly and have more fun. Apparantly, laughter is the cure for everything. 

22 January 2024

I'm really proud of myself, I'm getting much better at being patient and professional on the phone and not putting my ego into it. I'm getting rewarded with quality guests. I feel like I know where I'm going and things are setting into motion for me. I live a structured life that is mentally stimulating, with challenges and purpose. 

15 January 2024

A new guest brought me white roses and reese's today! I'm very blessed right now, I have to enjoy it and be grateful. 

9 January 2024

Jeez, I fucked a guest with a really big dick last night and I'm still sore! I was really horny, so I decided to make the most of it and bounce on it, but now that he's gone, I'm sore... 

2 January 2023

Happy 2024 everyone! It's a new year and I'm ready to roll!

11 December 2023

I went to a family function and my cousin's boyfriend made a super inappropriate  abortion joke at my expense, and after thinking about it, I finally know what's really bothering me. It's that I don't want him to draw a bridge between me and her. I don't want her to start avoiding me because it would make her feel awkward to be around me. I know what a beautiful and kind person she is and after all that she's been through, she certainly deserves to be happy.

7 December 2023

Today was such bullshit. Absolutely no appointment, but one guy wanted a face pic, one wanted to be my "slave", and another guy wanted a car call. Can we please stop with the fuckery and do some actual work?

3 December 2023

I got three new guests on Saturday, I'm very pleased to see that I attract new people. I also surpassed the thousand visits on my website in the last month, it's a new record. 

1 December 2023

An ex of my friend litteraly asked me on a date yesterday, but I would never do that, I have principles. 

26 November 2023

I feel much better than I did last time. I told my neighbor that I dreamed we were having anal sex one night when we were hagning out, and he seemed really happy. 

16 November 2023

It sucks to be in a spot where you have to choose between school and paying your bills. Also, some bitchface motherfucker no showed today because I asked him to PLEASE not call me "hun". I'm fuckin tired of being called "hun". It is profoundly unfair that I can't say shit to the clients, but that they feel entitled to talk to me any type of way.   

5 November 2023

For the longest time, I smoked weed to contain the deep anger within me. It helped me make fun of the situation and think of something else. Now that I stopped, I find myself being angry about stuff that happened 15 years ago, but I still don't want to smoke, I'm comfortable with my decision. I just need to spend more time at the gym to expel my negative emotions. 

2 November 2023

I have a friend, she is so nice and overly generous with everybody, but she struggles financially. Don't we all? But nowadays, she is talking to an older man online who says he is a dom, and he wants to take her out and have sex with her, but he only wants to pay for the meals, not her time, nor the sex. It sounds to me like he is just too cheap to pay for a pro and preys on a vulnerable woman. I told her that he should at least pay for the sex. I would like to offer to teach her the tricks of the trade, I think she could dig herself out of poverty, but a decision like that has to come from her. 

29 October 2023

You guys maybe remember the guy who ghosted me about 2 years ago when I was still living in Montreal. Well, I fuckin saw him when I was  walking down Bank steet. He can hide on his phone, but he can't when he's right in front of me on the sidewalk. I didn't look at him directly and kept walking. I really have nothing to say to him. I also have a visit in a luxury appartment by the canal tomorrow. 

20 October 2023

Today I heard something I had never heard before; a guy said that he sees escorts because he seems to give boyfriend dick and that all the girls want to get serious with him right away, and that he found himself in tricky situations before. That blew my mind.  

19 October 2023

It always make me sad when someone is not hard enough to do anal. I do what I can to help, but often, they're just too on edge.

17 October 2023

Sometimes I feel my butt has a mind of it's own. I can prepare it however, but ultimately, the butt decides how it goes.

10 October 2023

The electrician came today, and he was good looking! I think he had a speech impediment, which I found adorable. I looked at his hands and I saw no alliance. I  have his number, now. Do you think he would be interested?

9 October 2023

I dreamed that I was having anal sex with my neighbor. I think I orgasmed, but I'm not sure if it was just in my dream or if I actually came. It's weird, I don't remember thiking my neighbor was hot, but it's not the first time I have erotic dreams about someone I don't feel like I lust over.  I also made some cinnamon rice pudding again, this time it was vegan, and I put some clementine zest in it, and it is so amazing it tastes like Christmas.

30 September 2023

I did not get much studying done today, but at least I made money! It was such a nice day, on top of having sex and spending time outside, I made cinnamon rice pudding!

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